Exciting Opportunity to Work on A Democratic Political Campaign!

The Candidate: Corinna Robinson is running for South Dakota’s sole seat in the US House of Representatives against Kristi Noem. Website: http://www.corinnaforsd.com/index.php Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CorinnaforSD

Description: We are looking for an energetic, organized, and responsible person who can manage and implement our fundraising efforts. You should believe in democratic values, and have experience fundraising—ideally for political campaigns. You should work well under pressure, be able to multi-task, and be flexible and efficient. You should also present yourself well, in terms of speech and appearance, as there will be many high-level meetings.

Tasks to include: organizing fundraisers, calling people to ask for money or get them to attend fundraisers, building relationships, organizing mailings and outreach, and other tasks. Flexibility, resourcefulness, creativity, and adaptability important!

Details: This job is full time, requires some nights and weekends, as well as limited travel. Pay is negotiable based on experience. While on the road, all expenses will be paid, including food, lodging, and other items.

Contact: Please email a resume and cover letter to Ashley Heacock at aheacock@corinnaforsd.com. Include all contact details, start date, and salary requirements. Please send by April 20, 2014.

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  • Larry D Wilson

    As I see it , Mr. Rounds is a carbon copy of the right wing GOP. Brags his strong conservative stand. Claims to have been a tax saving governor . Quotes a already debunked campaign attack on the ACA ( Obama care )
    as a 700 billion dollar drain to Medicare . Mr. Rounds will add to the GOP gridlock already established by the Republicans. Why would we want more of the same. Another no vote against anything that might help the middle class and this country . The people of South Dakota need to be told the truth and not feed the same scripted lies orchestrated by the GOP . Show him for what he is and educated the South Dakota public. Get those bumper stickers out there.