GOP candidates up and down the ticket have been making broad one-size-fits-all statements about issues that are important to everyday South Dakotans like Mike Rounds’ recycled lies about Medicare and the Affordable Care Act. We have people call everyday and share their stories with our staff. Rounds Plays Defense

Today someone shared their story with us of the ACA saving their grandchild’s life because through the ACA, the preexisting condition that had been preventing the child from gaining care was eliminated.

Sharing your story is one of the best ways to illustrate to these GOP candidates that their talking points are contrary to the facts, and contrary to the situations that you see in your day to day interactions.

Look at these everyday South Dakotans stepping up to hold Mike Rounds accountable on his inaccuracies about Medicare.

Join our letter to the editor team today, and make sure that your story, and your voice are heard. Together, we can hold GOP leaders accountable.

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