Mike Rounds on education – ready for a tax increase?

US Senate candidate Mike Rounds wants to eliminate the US Department of Education. But guess what that would cost SD? South Dakota would lose $191 million a year. Ready for a big tax increase? Making up that money would require  a 38% increase in our sales tax. Mike Rounds

Just another proposal from Mike Rounds –  the Governor who let college tuition rates skyrocket, student debt balloon, and wages plummet during his administration…

Shot: Rounds: Time to eliminate US Department of Ed. Scott Waltman, Aberdeen American News

“It’s time, Mike Rounds told Brown County Republicans Thursday, to get rid of the U.S. Department of Education….A Republican created the federal Department of Education, but it’s time for Republican members of Congress to eliminate it, Rounds said.

Chaser: How about a really, really big tax increase? Bob Mercer, Pure Pierre Politics

“One of the candidates for federal office said last night he wants to eliminate the U.S. Department of Education. For the coming school year, that would be a loss of $191.9 million to the state Department of Education; the money for the most part gets passed down to local schools and cooperatives. Replacing that sliver of federal aid alone would require approximately 1.5 cents of additional state sales tax.”

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  • Thomas Martin

    I certainly hope the electorate becomes well educated on the issues and does not become blinded by just the color RED.