Republicans say the darndest things!

What a great week to be a Democrat! Politics season is heating up, and Republicans just keep saying the darndest things!

Let’s take a look at the last week in review:

At the beginning of the week, Mike Rounds released a TV ad that recycles often rebuked claims about Medicare and the Affordable Care Act. KELO even called up Politifact, the Pulitzer Prize winning fact checking organization, who said about the ad: “We just really don’t find this one all that true.” AARP actually included this claim in its top 11 myths about the ACAScreen shot 2014-05-01 at 12.17.42 PM

In the middle of the week, another Republican US Senate hopeful Dr. Annette Bosworth compared food stamp recipients to wild animals dependent on government handouts. Then, she doubled down on the comments after generating national ridicule.

To cap off the week, Rep. Steve Hickey wrote an incredibly disparaging open letter to the editor comparing homosexuality to “a one way alley for the garbage truck” then blaming high rates of suicide in the LGBT/trans community on being LGBT/trans.

How out of touch and tasteless have Republican leaders become? Never before has the contrast between our two parties been more clear. Let’s review:

Republicans want to privatize Medicare but will lie about the Affordable Care Act to scare seniors. Democrats have expanded Medicare benefits for seniors and extended the life of the Medicare trust fund through the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans want to shred the social safety net for hardworking families, seniors on fixed incomes, and children who by no choice of their own may not have food on the table at home. Democrats want to protect the social safety net and give Americans a leg up into the middle class.

Republicans want to deny LGBT people equal rights under the law. Democrats want equal rights under the law for all people.

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