South Dakotans calling out Mike Rounds on Medicare & ACA

Mike Rounds is sticking by his misleading Medicare mendacity – how’s that for alliteration?! – but everyday South Dakotans aren’t letting him get away with it. Mike Rounds

Check out just a few of the op-eds, guest columns &  letters to the editor South Dakotans have written since Mike Rounds released his recycled & rebuked Medicare ad – and scroll to the bottom to learn how you can add your letter too.

Rounds has lost credibility
Roger Elgersma, Sioux Falls

Rounds’ Medicare Ad False
Ryan Casey, Sioux Falls

Letter: Where is Rounds’ Health Plan? 
Jack Bontje, Sioux Falls

Guest Column: Is Mike Rounds at his best on Medicare & Obamacare/ACA?
Ann Eichinger, Pierre

Letter: Rounds campaign makes false claims
Benedict Gombocz, Vermillion

Letter: Rounds’ ad serves his platform, but not public
Hank Whitney, Custer

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