GOP Medicaid expansion blockade means missed opportunities for SD

Sioux Falls (July 2, 2014) — South Dakota is missing out on huge opportunities as a result of the Governor Dennis Daugaard’s medicaid expansion blockade, according to a new report published by the White House’s Council of Economic Advisors.

South Dakota Democratic party Executive Director Zach Crago says that the report underscores the importance of Medicaid Expansion in South Dakota.

“The numbers don’t lie – Medicaid expansion makes dollars and sense for South Dakota,” says Crago. “Medicaid Expansion injects hundreds of millions of dollars into our economy to insure 26,000 people who fall in the Daugaard coverage gap. That investment creates jobs and offers a lifeline to hardworking South Dakotans without health insurance. South Dakota cannot wait any longer for Governor Dennis Daugaard and GOP state legislators to expand Medicaid.”

The missed opportunities South Dakota faces because Governor Dennis Daugaard and GOP state legislators refuse to expand Medicaid include:

Missed Opportunities: PREVENTATIVE CARE:

  • 26,000 South Dakotans will be left uninsured because they work too much to qualify for regular Medicaid but earn too little to qualify for subsidies on the healthcare exchange.
  • 3,800 South Dakotans will be get cholesterol level screenings.
  • 1,500 South Dakotans will not receive needed pap smears.
  • 900 South Dakotans will not get potentially life saving mammograms


  • 6,000 South Dakotans will not have access to a usual source of clinical care.
  • 3,000 South Dakotans will not get all their needed care in a 12 month period.
  • 70,800 needed physicians visits will not occur.
  • 2,000 South Dakotans who suffer from depression will not see relief.
  • 3,000 South Dakotans will not report good health.

Missed Opportunities: FINANCIAL HARDSHIP

  • 10,500 South Dakotans will suffer catastrophic out of pocket healthcare costs.
  • 3,700 South Dakotans will have to borrow money or skip paying payments to pay a medical bill.

Missed Opportunities: FEDERAL SPENDING

  • $420 million in federal investments to South Dakota between 2014 and 2016 will be forgone.
  • 1900 jobs will not be created.


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