Democrats Respond to Republicans Blocking Democratic Efforts to Honor the Will of the Voters


 Democrats Respond to Republican Legislators Blocking Democratic Efforts to Honor the Will of the Voters on Campaign Finance

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The South Dakota Democratic Party released the following statement in response to Republican legislators on the Senate State Affairs Committee voting to block Democratic attempts honor the will of the voters by inserting language creating a strong campaign finance ethics commission into Senate Bill 53 on a party-line vote:

“Democrats believe it is our duty to listen to the people’s voice when they speak through their votes. Now that Republicans in Pierre repealed Initiated Measure 22 (the Anti-Corruption Act passed by the voters) without a replacement in place, Democratic legislators are working to honor the intent of the voters by putting forth legislation to reform government accountability, lobbyist rules, and campaign finance. Today’s proposed amendment to SB 53 was an attempt to do that by re-creating the campaign finance ethics commission established in Initiated Measure 22.

“Once again, the Republican majority showed their contempt for the will of the voters by not only blocking this attempt by Democrats to fulfill the will of the voters, but even killing the weak commission contained in the original text of SB 53. Democratic legislators will continue to do all that they can to respect the will of the voters. We call on Republicans in Pierre to stop blocking them and start working with them. Voters will remember who is on their side in 2018.”


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