SDDP Statement on Former FBI Director Comey’s Testimony


South Dakota Democratic Party Statement on Former FBI Director Comey’s Testimony

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The South Dakota Democratic Party released the following statement from Chairwoman Ann Tornberg responding to former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee:

“Director Comey confirmed under oath that President Trump made repeated attempts to interfere in an FBI investigation, and made it clear that he interpreted President Trump’s request that the FBI drop the probe as a directive. Whether President Trump fully understood the impropriety of these actions or not, demanding the FBI Director’s loyalty, requesting that FBI drop investigations into Trump associates, and then firing the FBI Director when the FBI does not cease its investigations, is shocking and unacceptable behavior from a president.

“Senators Rounds and Thune, Rep. Kristi Noem, and Republican congressional candidates Dusty Johnson and Shantel Krebs have a decision to make. Will they continue to defend or dismiss President Trump’s actions despite all mounting evidence? Or will they stand with Democrats to make sure a full and independent investigation into these matters takes place, along with an investigation possible ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government? How they answer this question will define their careers and legacies. We hope they remember their ultimate loyalty as public servants should be to the Constitution and people of South Dakota, not a president or political party.”


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