Letter to the Editor from Our National Commiteeman

How can Christians support health bill?

South Dakota Democratic Party National Commiteeman Bill Walsh had the following letter to the editor published in the Rapid City Journal last week:

Bill WalshAs a person of faith, I am shocked by the meanness and cruelty of the Senate health care bill. We are admonished by scripture to care for the poor, the widow, and the orphan, and Jesus tells us that as we do to “the least of these,” we do to him.

This bill is a kick in the teeth the people the Bible tells us to protect. It will increase costs for working families and take health care away from 22 million Americans, including tens of thousands of South Dakotans. The cuts in the bill to the Medicaid program will devastate the poor and rural areas of our state, and be disaster for women, tribal communities, the elderly, the disabled, and the poor. At the same time, millionaires and billionaires would receive a tax cut.

I know our congressional delegation is of Christian faith. I would encourage them to spend some more time in scripture and prayer. In my professional opinion, I do not see how a Christian in good conscience can support the present Senate bill. l pray that they see the light, repent and help defeat this cruel bill.
Bill Walsh,
SDDP National Committeeman

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