SDDP Responds to Failure of Latest Senate GOP Health Care Repeal Bill


SDDP Executive Director Responds to Failure of Latest Senate GOP Health Care Repeal Bill 

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The South Dakota Democratic Party released the following statement from Executive Director Sam Parkinson responding to the Democratic success in blocking the Republican Party’s latest effort to take away health care from millions of Americans in the middle of the night:

“This morning’s vote is a victory for the millions of families who did not have their health care taken away in the dead of night, and for the families whose health insurance premiums will not go up an average of 20% next year. It is also a victory for the millions of people, including thousands of South Dakotans, who made calls, sent letters and emails, and raised their voices to let their representatives know that they did not want their premiums to go up and health care to be taken away from them or their friends and family.

“While we are relieved that this disastrous bill attacking the health and economic stability of South Dakota families has been defeated, we are disappointed by the votes of South Dakota’s Senators. John Thune and Mike Rounds voted yet again to take health care away from South Dakotans and raise their premiums. It is especially disappointing that Senator Rounds voted for a bill he did not want to become law. Indeed, he said he would only vote for it if he received assurances it would not become law.

“Throughout this process, Democrats have made clear their willingness to work across the aisle and help improve our country’s health care. We will continue to fight not only to protect the health care of those who currently have it, but to expand access to affordable health care to every American.”


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