SDDP Responds to New Senate GOP Health Care Repeal Bill



SDDP Executive Director Responds to New Senate GOP Health Care Repeal Bill 

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The South Dakota Democratic Party released the following statement from Executive Director Sam Parkinson responding to the release of the latest health care repeal bill from Senate Republicans:

“The new legislative language doesn’t change the fundamental truth about the Senate GOP bill: it is a cruel bill that will hurt South Dakota families who are working hard to afford health care. Like the last version, this bill will kick millions of people off their health insurance and force older, sicker, and low-income Americans to pay more for less care. We call on Senators Thune and Rounds to oppose this bill and finally sit down with Senate Democrats to work on bi-partisan solutions to the problems in our health care system. Democrats will continue to fight for affordable health care for every American and to hold Republicans accountable for their attack on the health and economic security of the people of South Dakota.”

Key takeaways from the Senate bill:

  • Includes the same devastating cuts to the Medicaid program that will cause millions fewer people to have insurance.
  • Will drive up premiums for sicker Americans and allow insurance companies to charge older Americans five times more than younger people.
  • Includes giveaways to insurers and lets them sell skimpier plans that do not meet ACA requirements, including preventive care and mental and substance abuse treatment.
  • Incorporates Ted Cruz’s disastrous idea that would send individual insurance markets into a death spiral, while middle-class families with medical needs could see their out-of-pocket costs soar.
  • Looks out for the wealthy with the expansion of tax-advantaged health savings accounts.
  • Allows insurers to sell plans that don’t cover maternity care.


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