Coulda Fooled Us

Quotes from Republicans in Pierre

“The United States is in a strategic competition with China. China is a country which has a military which teaches its soldiers to hate America, it’s a country that grows 10 percent a year economically, it has something like 1.4 billion people, and I think that we need to safeguard our economic growth and our population in order to compete with China,” Liss said, adding his argument for the bill is “completely secular.” – Rep. Brian C. Liss (R-Sioux Falls), speaking in support of HB 1217, a measure forcing women to wait 72 hours to receive an abortion. House Floor, 2.2.11

“In the Western world… Muslim men are starting to demand Sharia law so the wife cannot obtain a divorce…. It is alarming how many of our sisters and daughters who attend American universities are now marrying Muslim men.” – Rep. Phil Jensen (R-Rapid City) Quoted in David Montgomery, “On Sharia Law,” Mount Blogmore, 02.05.11

“Most of us myself included eat too luxuriously and too much. And so right off the bat this $50 million for the most part misses its mark if we’re trying to help people. And then it sets up a financial incentive to exacerbate obesity. And… to my knowledge this argument that it’s a stimulus to the economy is false.” – Rep. Brian C. Liss (R-Sioux Falls) in House Taxation Committee, SDPB audio podcast, timestamp 2:02:45, 1.27.11

“If the federal government can order everyone in the United States to buy health insurance because everybody needs medical care, it makes just as much sense for South Dakota to make this requirement to provide for everyone’s protection…” – Rep. Hal Wick (R-Sioux Falls) in a press release on HB 1237, a bill mandating that all adults purchase a firearm for self-defense. 2.1.11