Peggy Gibson (D – Huron)

How should we react to the Governor’s extremist budget cuts passed almost without any changes from the Republican-led Legislature? Certainly this is not the time to take $75 million out of our health care economy, of which the federal government pays two-thirds.  Thousands of jobs will be lost.  Health insurance premiums will escalate; the poor will lose insurance coverage and our emergency rooms will be filled to capacity.  In addition, this is not the time to shift the cost of educating our children to local property taxpayers.  Currently the Governor’s budget diverts money from the general fund by raising property taxes on businesses, farms, working families and the elderly.  His budget is not only thoughtless and shortsighted but also self-destructive.  Who will suffer the brunt of the Governor’s budget cuts?  Of course, it’s South Dakota’s children.  And, what’s supposed to happen when today’s neglected children become tomorrow’s work force?  We will “Lose South Dakota’s Future”.