Let Us Hear From You!

We recognize that our party needs to do many things and that some of them overlap, but to get a sense of where we need to go right away, we need to hear from you!

    • TRAINING: Behind each great candidate is a well trained team. Through regular in person trainings, online webinars, and a training email series, our state party would provide tangible campaign skills our candidates, county officers, and activists need to build power & raise Democratic voter turnout across South Dakota.

    • COUNTY PARTY ORGANIZING: What's the responsibility of a county party and what roles must its county officers play? Our county party organizing plan would train existing county party leaders on raising money, recruiting candidates, and registering voters while identifying new leaders in unorganized Democratic county parties.

    • RAPID RESPONSE COMMUNICATION: Information moves quickly - and smears can have a lasting affect. With Mike Rounds already peddling recycled & rebuked lies about Medicare in his TV ads, our party would prioritize responding aggressively and quickly with press releases, letters to the editor, tweets, and press conferences to push back.

    • DEMOCRATIC TURNOUT: There's a saying making the rounds lately - Republicans don't elect Republicans; Democrats who don't vote elect Republicans. Our party would pursue tested turnout strategies including canvasses, mail programs, and phone banks to ensure Democrats are turning out for Democrats up and down the ticket.

    • YOUNG ENGAGEMENT: Our young leaders are the future of the South Dakota Democratic party. We've already started a Young Elected Legislative Leaders retreat for High School Democrats with nearly 50 students participating this year! We would extend organizing opportunities to College Democrats and fellows who want to be managers for Democratic campaigns up and down the ballot.

  • deb knecht

    We have a tough election ahead of us. It is going to take us all to win! Please get involved!!! We will need lots of volunteers. Be one of the reasons we are celebrating in November! Working together, we can do it!!!

  • pamelamerchant

    Thanks for asking about these! All great endeavors. Starting with the County Party building and working to create better cohesion with the State Party could help all the others… You guys are doing a great job. Let us know how we can help in Brookings.Go Dems!