New Ad: Deb Peters put conservative organization ahead of South Dakota taxpayers.

Hundreds of people have signed our “No Tax Dollars for ALEC dues!” petition after Republican state legislators dedicated $500,000 for legislative pay, partisan staff, membership dues and travel expenses to the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

What did Republican legislators do in response? They defended ALEC over the taxpayer! ALEC’s South Dakota chairwoman Sen. Deb Peters (R-Hartford) said, “I would look at it as education, education, education.”

Well, enough is enough. If Republican legislators want to use your tax dollars for ALEC dues, we’re going to make sure every taxpayer knows it. That’s why we’re going to purchase ads in Sen. Deb Peters local paper, so everyone knows she is putting her own conservative organization ahead of South Dakota taxpayers.

Our first ad is almost ready for the printers! Can you donate $20, $10, $5 or whatever you can afford to help us submit the ad by Friday at 4pm?

Here is what newspapers across the state are already saying about Republicans using tax dollars for ALEC dues:

Pierre Capital Journal Editorial Board: “If corporations want to whisper sweet nothings in the ears of South Dakota legislators, let them come to Pierre and follow the process our Legislature has set in place for lobbying. Or at the very least, let’s conserve some state funds and let the so-called conservative lawmakers pay their own membership bills. Don’t ask the state to pay for it, because that makes a mockery of conservative ideology. South Dakotans should not foot the bill so that our lawmakers can go off and flirt with ALEC.”

Vermillion Plains Talk editor David Lias: “The fact that ALEC is a conservative organization and South Dakota is a conservative state doesn’t justify it. South Dakota lawmakers are accountable to constituents – or at least are supposed to be. Taxpayers shouldn’t be asked to pay up front to give such a highly partisan group as ALEC even more opportunity to exert its stealthy influence over our state Legislature.”

Aberdeen American News Editorial Board: “This is a boneheaded move by Republicans who clearly don’t have the best interests of South Dakotans in mind. They are instead serving the interests of a partisan lobbying group that gives them their marching orders.”

Republicans who use tax dollars for ALEC dues need accountability. Please donate whatever you can afford to lift up the voices of taxpayers across South Dakota and pressure Sen. Deb Peters and other Republican legislators by signing the petition.

Thanks for helping to hold Republicans accountable!

  • Mn1234

    Hopefully you will be able to take this bigger – maybe be able to plan more ads before Friday.
    Just saw a local MN tweet about this article – asking people to donate to your effort.

  • Curtis Loesch

    I just sent $25. Anti-Progressives like Peters need to be outed. Thanks for your effort.