Voters Beware! Noem Really Is Taking Your Medicare.

Congresswoman Noem has a dirty little secret.  While she likes to tell folks back home in South Dakota that she is “protecting” Medicare; in reality, she is working to dismantle the social contract we made with America’s greatest generation.

Noem seems to think that South Dakotans won’t notice when she takes away their health care and replaces it with Corporations-R-Us.  That’s why, here at the South Dakota Democratic Party, we’d like you to join us in telling Noem and her Republican cronies that their War on Seniors must end now.

Turning Medicare into a coupon system protects no one.  It endangers grandparents today and their grandchildren tomorrow.   If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that Medicare in its current form must be protected and strengthened – not replaced with reckless profit reapers.   Case in point: ask someone with Medicare to give it up.

Noem’s War on Seniors teaches us an important lesson.  If we don’t speak up for those that need it most, who then will ever speak for us?   Remember: Don’t let Noem happen to you.

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SD Rep. Noem Says Changes Needed to Save Medicare →

South Dakota Rep. Kristi Noem says changes like those proposed by congressional Republicans are needed to save Medicare. Continue Reading »

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SDDP Tips for SD’s Graduation Speakers

We recently learned that Senator Thune, Governor Daugaard, and former-governor Rounds will be speaking to graduates at several SD universities.  So, we’ve compiled a list of dos-and-don’ts, lest they forget the ramifications of GOP leadership.

  • Do talk about jobs.
  • Don’t mention the job prospects for newly-minted graduates, esp. given 10% budget cuts in South Dakota and Rep. Paul Ryan’s radical agenda to regress America.

Finally, remember you are just one person trying to dismantle America.  The graduating class is bigger and stronger.  And yes, they just might take your job.

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Is this thing on?

As South Dakotans, we take people at their word.  Rep. Kristi Noem told reporters last Thursday:

She will not vote in favor of raising the nation’s debt ceiling unless it is attached to significant spending caps or a balanced budget amendment. (The State Column, 4/25/11)

Let’s take a trip down memory lane…remember the radical FY 2012 Budget authored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)?  We sure do – it’s the one that guts Medicare and ends a vital safety net for millions of vulnerable Americans.  It also automatically raises the debt ceiling 10 times in the next 10 years. Yeah – you read right – Noem already voted to raise the debt ceiling on April 15, 2011, before telling folks back home she was against it.

Raising the debt ceiling isn’t necessarily bad.  Offering excuses as to why your stories don’t match up is, well, unbecoming.

It seems Noem just can’t break that bad habit of providing lip-service to South Dakotans while voting to serve her Washington puppeteers.

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Intern Noem Fighting to End Medicare. Seriously.

As perhaps the highest paid congressional intern in U.S. history, Rep. Noem isn’t wasting any time on respecting her elders.  On April 15, 2011, Noem voted to decimate Medicare.  We wanted to give Rep. Noem the benefit-of-the-doubt—really, we did.  After all, she is an intern, earning college credit for time served.  Then we found this answer she gave Neil Cavuto at Fox News on April 8, 2011:

“When I get a bill in front of me, I’m going to judge that bill by its merits. So it is really hard for me to look at a bill that it is sitting there, seeing that it is cutting spending, and if there’s nothing in there that I disagree, you know, that is how I will judge my vote. So — but I’m fighting. I’m fighting for those cuts.”

Let’s put this in context.  Rep. Noem knows how to give an answer.  As 1990 South Dakota Snow Queen, Noem told the Aberdeen American News she acquired “skills that help you visit with people, make your points and be able to promote the state of South Dakota.” [Snow Queen title meant opportunity for Noem, AAN, 2/3/2011]  Noem also knows when California decides her vote –

“Nancy Pelosi voted against it and I voted for it, so I think I was on the right side of the issue.” [Budget battle weighs on Kristi Noem, Argus Leader, 3/18/2011]

What Intern/Congresswoman Noem seemingly fails to understand is that her votes hurt South Dakota’s seniors, soon-to-be seniors, people with disabilities, and families in need.

The truth about Noem’s vote on Rep. Ryan’s Radical FY 2012 Budget: South Dakotans with Medicare must sacrifice so Noem can tout $2.9 trillion in new tax cuts for the wealthy.

So if you have a grandparent, are a grandparent, plan and/or hope to be a grandparent, or know a citizen in the United States, Noem’s decisions matter to you.  Her fight for Medicare cuts – the fight she so strongly articulates to Neil Cavuto – jeopardizes every South Dakotan.

Lesson: Don’t let Noem happen to you.

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Noem: Pay Higher Taxes for Less Healthcare

Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s support of the GOP’s 2012 budget could raise taxes on 90% of Americans in order to finance additional tax cuts for the wealthy. Continue Reading »

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Noem Sacrifices Seniors for Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

South Dakota’s seniors and families in need lost to Congresswoman Kristi Noem and Washington Republicans, who voted today to dismantle Medicare and Medicaid. Continue Reading »

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The Republican Party’s Path to Impoverishment

The Republican Party recently released its 2012 budget proposal, introduced by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) under the name “Path to Prosperity,” and the details are startling: dismantle Medicare for seniors, shift Medicaid costs to states, and give additional tax breaks above the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

Ben Nesselhuf, Chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party, says the question still remains: will Congresswoman Noem stand with Washington Republicans or South Dakota seniors and families in need? Continue Reading »

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Noem: Vote to repeal health-care law proudest accomplishment so far [SDDP: Please…] →

Rep. Kristi Noem said working to block the health-care law enacted in 2010 is her proudest moment during her first 100 days in office. Continue Reading »

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Can I get this lie in matte, or is glossy my only option?

It seems Rep. Noem has backed herself into quite the corner.  Arriving in mailboxes across South Dakota this past weekend was a glossy, full-color mail piece, which wouldn’t normally raise too many eyebrows, except this one wasn’t from Kristi Noem for Congress – it was paid for by taxpayers, the very folks Rep. Noem promised wouldn’t be footing the bill for her glossy literature.

As Noem told numerous reporters in August 2010:

If she [Noem] is elected as South Dakota’s lone member of the U.S. House she would not take part in the common congressional practice of sending unsolicited mass mailings to South Dakotans at taxpayers’ expense. […]

“What I take objection to is sending out campaign-style, glossy mailings, mass mailings … that are obviously campaign pieces and not communication pieces,” Noem said.

Candidate Kristi Noem even published a press release on her website:

“Just because a clause in the House rules allows Members of Congress, including our own incumbent Congresswoman, to spend taxpayer money on campaign-style mail pieces in an election year doesn’t make it right. If we are going to get wasteful spending under control, we have to start somewhere.”

Now, 2011 may not be an “election year” but we’re pretty sure Noem is still running for congress in 2012.  We’re also pretty sure that advertising your services and the benefits of winning Congressional office qualifies as “listing your accomplishments” – the definition of campaign-style mailings given to the Argus Leader today by Joshua Shields, Noem’s spokesperson. Continue Reading »

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