Petition No Discrimination

South Dakota Pride
On the same day the discriminatory SB 67 was withdrawn from the legislature, extreme Republicans filed SB 128, a new version of the anti-LGBT SB 67 with more extreme provisions.

SB 128 allows discriminatory business to refuse service to the LGBT community, collect punitive damages for LGBT people who fight discrimination in court, and ignore federal protections pertaining to the recognition of sexual orientation.

Over 5,000 people signed our #NoDiscrimination petition to stop SB 67. We must make our voices even louder to stop SB 128.

Please sign the petition if you believe discrimination against any South Dakotans for who they are has no place in our laws.

No Discrimination

Thank you for joining me as a signatory on the #NoDiscrimination petition. Together, we can keep working to stop discriminatory bills like SB 128 & SB 67. -- Sen. Angie Buhl O'Donnell (D-Sioux Falls)
  • Richard

    Read the bill, one page. The intent is clear, and is not in the public interest. We ought not have state support of discrimination in housing or any part of the market for race, religion, sexual preference, color, spoken language, and whatever is on the list, now.

  • Ashley Evelyn Mazur

    Because it is blatant discrimination. If the target were any other group, say a racial group, or a specific age group, or a group with a particular disability, or even everyone who wore blue on Tuesdays, this would cause riots and people would demand that the person who proposed the bill be forced to resign their position.

    I am not an LGBT person, but I care about my LGBT friends and I care about civil rights. This proposal is discriminatory garbage, and with any luck in 30 years, kids will be reading about this as a relic from a backward moment in history.

  • Matthew St-Germain

    How is this even enforceable? Are you going to ask someone to engage in a sex act in order to prove their sexuality? DUMB. Waste of Money. But go ahead, set up the state to face massive, impossible-to-win lawsuits. That’s fiscal responsibility!

  • Sgt Cannaboid

    Stupid question, do you have to be a resident of SD to sign this?

    • zachcrago

      Anyone can sign!

  • Karen Ketchum

    Talk about total discrimination! What group will be targeted next ? Big waste of tax dollars. Closed minded to propose a bill like this. Wake up South Dakota

  • Raheem Fried Rice

    It just seems like more effort to go through all this work to be an asshole legally than it is to just deal with it.

  • Ryan

    Ignoring the obvious equality issues, this bill sounds like a mess to enforce and could be readily abused. All you would have to do is define someone as in the LGBT community and could legally discriminate against them which leaves the possibility open for a whole mess of other problems.

  • Jen

    I have gay best friends who are amazing people and should not be discriminated against because of who they are. How ignorant is your state going to look years down the road when LGBT are finally treated as equals as they should anyway. We went through this with segregation and when looking back now, how idiotic do those who supported it look? I have always loved the state of South Dakota for many reasons, the towns I visit are welcoming and the scenery is gorgeous. My husband and I have always planned to retire and move to South Dakota, but this makes me want to pack up and move as far away as possible. What a tragedy if this goes through. I can assure I will no longer visit your state and patronize your businesses at all if this goes through. Very sad.

  • Ellee Nestegard

    Let’s start with the fact that it’s simply wrong.

  • Alexis Krivoshik