Pledge Your Support for Senator Tim Johnson

  • John Marius Nelson

    Tim is a shining example South Dakota spirit.

  • Laura Kirkland

    Glad to see that Tim Johnson’s health is such that he can commit to another term & service for the people of South Dakota.

  • Paul S

    Having worked with Tim, on legislative issues, I can tell you this, when you have an apointment with him, he greats you and then sits down and brings you up to speed on the issues at hand.
    I would challenge any one who douted Tim’s ability and skill as our Senator, to do a better job.

  • DakotaMark

    South Dakota needs Tim Johnson now more than ever.

  • greatplaces

    Tim has always done a great job for South Dakota.   Ask Rounds if he will be signing the Norquest pledge?

    • zachcrago

      We agree! And Rounds says he won’t sign the Norquest pledge.

  • JeniW

    Senator Johnson has always been a champion for individuals with disabilities, and their families. When he acquired his own disabilities, there were many individuals with or without disabilities whom were champions for him.

    Tim, like all others who have disabilities have learned to adapted to what they have, and exceeded expectations.

    He is a great senator, and more importantly a very compassionate person.