School Budget Cuts Affect Me

“I am one of the “victims” of the governor’s cuts. After 18 years of being an elementary aide in the Beresford School system, I was let go along with our Title I teacher, another aid and our school nurse. The loss of income isn’t the only thing I will miss. I am able to take out Cobra insurance for 18 months. That policy will end the month I turn 64. Because I have had breast cancer, I cannot get health insurance. For one year, I will not be covered, and that frightens me very much.

One of my duties as an aide was to pull out students who were behind in work and give them extra help to catch them up. Now there will be no one to do that.

When I wrote the governor about losing my job, he told me how he was the one that worked to get it down to just 6%. He also told me how he took a pay cut. He told me that I was just “frustrated.” I let him know how frustrated I was when I wrote him a second time and sent his letter back to him. Surprise! I didn’t hear from him again.”

Carol Jacob

  • This is a PRIME example of why the GOP needs to be booted out of Pierre. They’ve dragged us backwards for 30+ years. They DO NOT care for the working person or the middle class, and won’t be happy until they drag us back to the 1900’s. South Dakota is always last in most everything, so it’s not rocket science to see just who is responsible for that. People needs to stop voting the way Great Grandaddy did, grow a backbone and get a mind of their own. Vote the GOP OUT in 2012!