Thank You for Your Courage!

It’s official. On Thursday, Nancy, Jennie and five other couples filed a lawsuit challenging South Dakota’s gay marriage ban.

Why? Because love is more powerful than hate and the right to marry who you love should be applied equally to all people.

These couples have taken a courageous leap that will expose them to a lot of prejudice. Let them know that you’re standing with them.

Would you like to help us thank them for their courage? Please sign our Thank You card  below, and we’ll make sure your name is included when we deliver our thank you on Tuesday!


Zach Crago
SDDP Executive Director

Jennie and Nancy Rosenbrahn of Rapid City, S.D.
Krystal Cosby and Kaitlynn Hoerner of Aberdeen, S.D.
Barbara and Ashley Wright of Aberdeen, S.D.
Lynn and Monica Serling-Swank of Brandon, S.D.
Jeremy Coller and Clay Schweitzer of Rapid City, S.D.
Greg Kniffen and Mark Church of Sioux Falls