YELL Fellows Candidate and Student Application

After three successful years of the Young Elected Legislative Leaders (YELL) retreat, we’re taking the next step to connect the intellect, energy, and expertise of young South Dakota Democrats to campaigns for the state legislature.  Let us introduce you to the YELL Fellows program – open to all high school students, college students, and other young professionals. yell_fellows_logo_blue_bkgnd

YELL Fellows are paid campaign leaders who will be trained in professional campaign management & paired with Democratic candidates for state legislature from August, 2016 through November 8th, 2016. Fellows will learn how to craft a campaign plan, draft a budget, raise money, recruit volunteers, target voters with digital campaign tools, and persuade voters through door knocking, phone calling, and direct mail.

Working hand in hand with a Democratic candidate for state legislature, YELL Fellows are going to give campaigns the vital enthusiasm & leadership we need to win. And in so doing, YELL Fellows will change the direction of South Dakota forever.

YELL Fellows will be compensated for their work with either $500 a month for 12 hours per week ($750 total investment), $700 a month for 17 hours per week ($1,050 total investment), or $1000 a month for 25 hours per week ($1,500 total investment). The compensation from candidates will be matched 50-50 by the Majority Project. Because of the 50-50 match, candidates can mentor YELL Fellows with little strain on their campaign budget.

Are you ready to accept the challenge to change South Dakota politics for the better? Please fill out the form directly below if you are a student seeking to be matched with a candidate and the second form if you are seeking a student to help with your campaign:

YELL Fellows Application

YELL Fellow Candidate Application

Please fill out the following application by July 11th to request a YELL Fellow for your campaign between August & November 8th. REMINDER - YELL Fellows are compensated by matching contributions from your campaign and the Majority Project. Please contact the state party for more details.
  • Where do you want a fellow working in your district? If that candidate can do the most work with you in your hometown, put your hometown. If your hometown is away from most of the door knocking & other election activity that will take place, put the location where most of the work will take place.
    We're training YELL Fellows to be assets in your campaigns. They'll produce the best work only if you are putting them to their most productive use. These are bright kids who are being paid well to work hard and deliver for you - whether that means helping you cut turf in Votebuilder, knock doors, do data entry, stuff envelopes for fundraising letters, and keep your campaign on track with your campaign plan.
  • Because the Majority Project has limited resources, not every candidate can have a YELL Fellow. In fewer than two paragraphs, please tell us about your district (e.g. demographic & partisan makeup, Rural v Urban, etc), your specific race (e.g. who you are running against and why you're going to win), and what you'd want the YELL Fellow to do on your campaign (e.g. knock doors with you, help you raise money, etc). This information will be used by state party & legislative leadership in the event that we have a mismatch between the number of candidates & YELL Fellows.