Why Seniors Are Turning Against The GOP

When it comes to supporting the GOP, seniors are having a change of heart.

That’s the lesson from a July national survey that captured seniors’ growing discontent with Republican positions on Medicare, jobs, wages, and education. The growing discontent could have electoral consequences too. From the survey:

—In 2010, seniors voted for Republicans by a 21 point margin (38 percent to 59 percent). Among seniors likely to vote in 2014, the Republican candidate leads by just 5 points (41 percent to 46 percent.)

—More than half (55 percent) of seniors say the Republican Party is too extreme, half (52 percent) say it is out of touch, and half (52 percent) say the GOP is dividing the country. Just 10 percent of seniors believe that the Republican Party does not put special interests ahead of ordinary voters.

While Democrats are fighting to preserve Medicare, protect Social Security, and raise wages for working families, Republicans are doing everything in their power to destroy the safety net our seniors have earned through a lifetime of hard work.

Read the full article by click the image. And this weekend, do your part to remind South Dakota seniors who’s fighting for them.


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