Democratic Legislators Discuss Efforts to Expand Economic Opportunity and Security for Working Families

Democratic Legislative Leaders Discuss Efforts to Expand Economic Opportunity and Security for Working Families

PIERRE, S.D. – At their weekly press conference this morning, State Senate Democratic Whip Sen. Jason Frerichs of Wilmot and State House Democratic Leader Rep. Spence Hawley of Brooking discussed the efforts of Democrats in Pierre to expand the economic opportunity and security of the working families of South Dakota.

“Democrats recognize that even though South Dakota’s unemployment is low, it has risen and many middle-class families are struggling to get by. We believe that as elected representatives of the people, the State Legislature has a responsibility to ensure these families can get ahead,” said Frerichs.

“Our caucus has introduced several pieces of legislation to expand the economic opportunity, security, and freedom of the working families of South Dakota, so our economy works for everyone, not just the privileged and powerful,” said Frerichs. “These include bills to give working people guaranteed paid sick leave, create more affordable housing, and help students and their families afford a college education.”

Hawley said that Democrats understand that lifting the incomes of working families and helping to increase their economic security is the best way to grow South Dakota’s economy and create more good jobs.

“A thriving middle class isn’t the result of a strong economy – a strong middle class builds a strong economy,” Hawley said. “Anyone who claims to care about workforce development should be in favor of these pieces of legislation, as they create a stronger, fairer economy, which will help us retain and attract skilled workers.”

“Many of these bills are awaiting a committee hearing,” Hawley said. “We hope our friends across the aisle will work with us to do what we can to build a better future for the working families of South Dakota.”


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