Economic Development & Tourism

Economic development enhances the quality of life and standard of living of all South Dakota citizens.  State policies should promote innovation and long-term growth in all sectors of the economy; a diversified economy benefits everyone in the state.  As a foundation, we seek a living wage without diminishing our state’s cultural and natural environments.  A thriving tourism industry is an integral part of this vision.

The South Dakota Democratic Party supports:

1. A well-educated, well-trained—and therefore highly productive—workforce. Recognizing that education is essential for economic development, the state has a responsibility to make education on all levels a financial priority.

2. Expanded affordable housing that attracts workers to the state and keeps them here.

3. Ensuring a healthy workforce with ready access to healthcare for all citizens.

4. Medicaid expansion, which will serve as an important economic stimulus to our health care industry and the entire state’s economy.

5. Greater cooperation with tribal governments and individual Native Americans, directed toward promoting cultural tourism and better economic conditions for all South Dakotans.

6. Strong support for infrastructure, including transportation, clean energy, and telecommunications. We especially support making the most of our renewable energy resources.

7. Funding innovative university research generating results that can be applied to all sectors of South Dakota’s economy.

8. Promotion of the state as a visitor destination regionally, nationally, and internationally.