Health Care

The health of South Dakotans is critical to the well-being of the state. Access to health care is a fundamental right regardless of geography or financial means. Health plans should provide affordable, accessible, and high quality health care including prescription benefits to every individual in South Dakota.

The South Dakota Democratic Party supports:

  • Establishing affordable universal health care for all, including providing Medicaid for those not yet covered in SD.
  • Strengthening and improving the Affordable Care Act
  • Promoting community physical and mental wellness and disease prevention through the collaboration of public and private health systems.
  • Meeting our treaty and trust responsibilities regarding provision of health care on reservation communities.
  • Enhancing recruitment, education, and retention of health professionals and caregivers, especially those practicing in rural settings.
  • Supporting new technologies in the delivery of health care, including telehealth.
  • Providing adequate funding for mental and physical health care and rehabilitation services across the lifespan with special emphasis on veterans, senior citizens, and minorities.
  • Providing equitable insurance coverage for all health conditions, including mental health, physical health and addictive conditions.
  • Ensuring an adequate living wage for home-based, community-based, and long-term care direct care staff as funded through the state’s share of Medicaid.
  • Providing community-based alternatives in long-term care programs that emphasize functional independence rather than institutionalization.
  • Sustaining and strengthening Medicare without efforts to privatize.
  • Ensuring access to affordable medications.
  • Ensuring access to affordable, adequate, and nutritious food, as a cornerstone in supporting the health of all South Dakotans.
  • Ongoing evidence-based research into the use of alternative medical therapies for specific patient populations.
  • Guaranteeing patients’ rights to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Guaranteeing the resources to make an informed decision in one’s health care.
  • Ensuring quality and affordable drug rehabilitation services and mental health care, with emphasis on cross training of staff and care in rural health systems.