Help Petition, Fight for Public Education

Governor Daugaard plans to take $16 million a year away from our schools, hospitals and nursing homes, and use that money for taxpayer funded giveaways to large corporations. We can stop him, but we need 16,000 signatures by June 27th to get this bill on the ballot.

South Dakota Democratic Party
PO Box 1485
Sioux Falls, SD 57101

Review the Rules

Rules for Petition Circulators:

  1. Petition circulators must be 18 years of age, and a registered voter of South Dakota
  2. Petition circulators must get their petitions notarized by a public notary before returning their petitions to the South Dakota Democratic Party.

Rules for Signers of the Petition:

  1. Signers must be registered voters in the state of South Dakota.
  2. Signers must individually sign their name. (You can fill out the rest of the petition if the signer is physically unable to fill it out.)

Other Best Practices:

  1. Make sure the signer is a registered voter.
  2. Make sure signers fill out all the information requested on the petition. Otherwise, their signatures could be invalidated!
  3. Invite a Notary Public to meet you all at the end of the canvass to notarize petitions right away.
  4. Take a few photos! We want to see what you all are doing!

If you are unable to gather signatures, but would like to help, please consider making a contribution to help fund the petition drive.

Additional Questions? Contact Us!