Jackley’s Record of Campaigning on Taxpayer Time

Jackley’s Record of Campaigning on Taxpayer Time

Attorney General Marty Jackley’s thinly-veiled campaign press events in Sioux Falls and Rapid City yesterday highlight his habit of campaigning on taxpayer time:

  • The Attorney General’s travel budget increased from $60,624.71 in FY2016 to $105,689.20 in FY2017, an increase of almost 75 percent while running for Governor.
  • Jackley himself admits to campaigning during the work week: The Winner Advocate, December 20, 2017 – “Being South Dakota’s attorney general is his full time job and he explained a day or two a weekor weekends he is able to get out and do some campaigning.”
  • State government civil servants are prohibited from involvement in campaigns during work hours. Clearly, Jackley feels he is above the rules his employees must follow.

In 2018, the voters of South Dakota will remember that Marty Jackley is obviously more interested in running for his next government job than he is in doing the job they elected him to do.


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