Labor & Employment

The South Dakota Democratic Party is committed to improving the lives of South Dakota’s workers and their families. We recognize that South Dakota has the highest percentage of dual income families in the nation. We further recognize that government policies should promote good benefits, good wages, and equal treatment in the workplace.

Therefore the South Dakota Democratic Party:

• Supports continued improvement in wages and benefits.
• Supports a living minimum wage and continued indexing of that wage to inflation.
• Supports the enforcement of OSHA standards.
• Opposes discrimination in the workplace and supports continued efforts towards equal pay for equal work for all workers.
• Recognizes that organized labor is essential to improving life in South Dakota and that “Right-to-Work” laws, which are used to weaken labor and have no real bearing on the right to obtain a job, must be repealed.
• Supports the rights of South Dakota employees/workers to participate in all aspects of the political process without employer intimidation or retribution.
• Supports giving all South Dakota public employees equal protection under the state public employees’ bargaining statute and the right to binding arbitration in contract negotiations.
• Believes non-dues paying bargaining unit members who benefit from union representation should pay a fair share for the cost of their representation.
• Supports legislation to expand the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 to include all South Dakota employees.
• Supports an equitable unemployment compensation rate and worker’s compensation benefits.
• Demands fair, impartial, and expeditious consideration of claims by the South Dakota Department of Labor.
• Promotes a quality workforce in South Dakota through support of continuing education, expanded training, and apprentice programs.