Senior Issues

South Dakota’s seniors have always contributed their wisdom, experience, and courage to move South Dakota forward. Far too often, our state has failed to return their contribution. Our seniors deserve the fulfilling, prosperous life they bestowed upon their children. That requires developing a flexible, economical continuum of services for productive living and lifelong learning, increasing access to more affordable prescription drugs, protecting seniors from fraud and abuse, and ensuring adequate resources for seniors with disabilities. The vitality of our seniors is sacred. Let’s reflect that in our state priorities.

We, the South Dakota Democratic Party:

  1. Support increase funding for Medicaid providers.
  2. Encourage the state to fund and develop a continuum of services for senior living.
  3. Support the repeal of the moratorium on nursing home beds.
  4. Encourage flexibility of usage in nursing homes and assisted living facilities to provide care for a variety of patients’ needs.
  5. Support requiring that the training of paraprofessionals includes communication skills and guidance for maximum safety and competence in the care of senior citizens.
  6. Encourage the state of South Dakota to vigorously enforce ADA building codes.
  7. Support requiring state agencies charged with the duty of providing services to seniors to treat applicants and recipients fairly and impartially.
  8. Support policies that protect seniors from fraud, identity theft, and elder abuse.
  9. Commit to protecting consumers who purchase long term care insurance from premium increases without public hearing or denial of benefits.
  10. Support access to affordable prescription drugs.
  11. Support funding for transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities.
  12. Support the elderly Nutrition Program and adequate funding for its delivery.
  13. Support strengthening the existing program for property tax relief and increasing the current eligibility income levels.
  14. Call for providing a living will and state advance directive registry available to all residents.
  15. Advocate that all South Dakotans who have disabilities shall receive the same considerations as stated above. (Advocates was changed to advocate)
  16. Support lifelong learning and encourage education institutions to provide low-or no-cost educational opportunities for seniors.
  17. Support end-of-life decisions which includes a person’s right to die.