State & Local Government

The South Dakota Democratic Party believes in equitable taxation, state budgets which reflect the priorities of South Dakota and government operations that are open and participatory.

The South Dakota Democratic Party supports:


  • That is based on a tax system which taxes all income levels fairly as allowed by the South Dakota State Constitution.
  • That addresses the continuing serious flaws in our current system of taxing property and monitors changes that are proposed.
  • That removes sales tax on food.


  • That provide for the proper maintenance of the state and local infrastructure.
  • That provide full funding of public education, recognizing that education is an investment.
  • That provide adequate support to local governments commensurate with state mandates.
  • That provide adequate support for the State Fair, significant cultural institutions, and the arts in South Dakota.


  • That supports efforts to make government more efficient and more effective.
  • That supports efforts to enhance citizen participation.
  • That supports the principle of checks and balances in government and opposes unilateral executive branch decisions.
  • That requires state government to adhere to the same restrictions that it places on county and local governments.
  • That requires an independent non-partisan redistricting commission.
  • That require enactment of single member state house districts.
  • That enacts rules on equitable representation on commission appointments.
  • That strengthens current efforts to ensure accountability, monitoring, and oversight of programs involving local, state or federal funds.
  • That supports effective and thorough oversight with the authority to keep government officials accountable and transparent.
  • That encourages intergovernmental cooperation.