The State of South Dakota recognizes our veterans deserve efficient and compassionate, life-long care. South Dakota Democrats believe the State should take an active role to promote access to holistic care by developing an outreach program that provides communication, that actively works to connect all veterans in the state to resources, both rural and urban, and that will promote physical, mental, social, educational, and financial well-being.

We, the South Dakota Democratic Party:

  • Recommend a woman veteran be selected to be the Director of Women Veterans under the South Dakota Division of Veteran Affairs.
  • Recommend South Dakota develop an all-veterans outreach program for health care issues. We consider the following priority issues:
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Mental Health
      • Substance abuse
      • PTSD
      • Traumatic Brain injury
      • Agent orange
      • Gulf War syndrome
        • Depleted uranium issues
  • Call for the state to coordinate and assist with the DAV in aiding transportation for veterans from rural areas.
  • Encourage employment of veterans in South Dakota.
    • Paid intern programs
    • Hire veterans in state career shortages
  • Support providing educational benefits to include the following:
    • Offer reduced cost of education
    • Provide tuition reimbursement